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Jay Schmidt introduces the Equity Experts program, explains his motivation for creating it, and dives into a few success stories with clients in the Metro Milwaukee area.

Fix it. Style it. Sell it.

Our program is designed to help anyone who is looking to get the most for their home. We assist with every aspect of the journey and invest in our clients, so you can feel confident putting your home on the market.

Maybe you don't have the funds, don't know where to start, or where to add the most value to maximize your return, we can help! With our endless network of contractors, knowledge of the market, and previous renovation experience, we have built a team that helps our clients, when they need it most.

Steps to Success

Our process to successfully selling your home.

Listening to your needs

We meet and talk about where we need to focus our efforts. It could be as little as painting, or as big as an overall refresh.

We Invest in Your Home

JSG pays for the work to hire the right people for the job, we have an extensive network to choose from, so if you need financial assistance, let's discuss.

Staging & Marketing

After the work is done, we have our Interior Designer, Kimberlee Vlaski, stage the home, and our professional photographer, Kyle Szef, capture all of the home's beauty accurately.

Our Selling Process Begins

Showings, Reviewing Offers, Inspection and Appraisal. 

Successful Sale

We've reached the finish line! Following a successful close, JSG is paid back on the closing statement for any investment made.

Whitefish Bay Success Story

Janine Werner advised the sellers to refinish hardwood floors & paint. They were originally told to list at $370,000 from another agent.

 Janine advised the sellers to do about $6,000 worth of work.

  • Painting
  • Refinishing hardwood floors

Janine set the list price to $410,000 and successfully sold the home for $435,000.

West Allis Success Story

Stefani Miller found a seller in West Allis who needed help. The seller knew she needed to make some improvements to her home to get it ready to sell, but she just didn't know where to focus her efforts and did not have the immediate funds for the work.


The seller was approached by a company to purchase her home for $65,000 as is, but, Stefani showed her how JSG could help could get her far more.

JSG made an investment of about $14,000 to get all of the necessary work done. 

  • Painting ( Amazing Finishes with Steven Perez)
  • Landscaping ( Dependable Lawn Care with Tim Brown)
  • New Carpet
  • De-cluttering ( Wee Bee Hauli'n with Steve)
  • Staging
  • Photography

 We ended up listing her home for $160,000 and successfully selling it for $161,000. 

Interview with Stefani Miller

Whitefish Bay Success Story

Blake McKinney met with his sellers and advised them with a small investment from JSG to refinish hardwood floors & add fresh paint throughout, they could add so much more value to their home.

JSG invested about $4,000 worth of work.

  • Painting
  • Refinishing hardwood floors

Blake set the list price to $320,000 and successfully sold the home for $325,000.


We are here for you.

If you have any questions about how we can help you sell your home with our program, reach out anytime. 

We understand everyone is in a different situation, so contact us today and let us show you how we can tailor our program to help you succeed, no matter the circumstances.

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